Sunday, 18 September 2011

SS & Non SS Outfit!

First heres the SS outfit:

Sorry couldn't fit shoes but here are the items:

Cardigan: ELLE Sequined Cardigan
Top: Archive Soft Cotton Tank
Shirt: DKNY Frilly Layered Skirt
Leggings: Mary-Kate & Ashley Long Lace Leggings or Mary-Kate & Ashley Short Lace Leggings

Now for the Non SS:

Sorry about the shoes again but here are the items:

Hat: OTTO White Beret
Scarf: Pretty n' Love Fairy Scarf
Top: Pretty n' Love (JCPenny) Flower Applique Top
Shorts: Fudge Shorts
Tights: Pretty n' Love Butterfly Print Pantyhose

Sorry no prices (some were bought in sales & can't remember original prices)

Hope you like them xx

Will do more soon enough & any comments just post them below :)

And also I would like to know which one you prefer comment below byeee xx

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